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Powerful force of human expression, words are a messenger to search engines. Words as subtle if picked wisely, can influence decisions, distinguishing robust contents on search engine firts page, and contents left to collect dust on other pages.

How theWritingDuo Works...

We’re a full-service content writing and marketing agency that knows the importance of high quality content throughout your marketing strategy. Our team of expert content writers are trained on the most up-to-date SEO tactics best practices to ensure every piece of content that we deliver is of exceptional quality and will provide the results you need.

When you work with us, you’ll work with a dedicated SEO content writer (or writers, depending on your needs) who will get to know your brand, industry and target audience. Your writer will work closely with your team (if required) to ensure each asset delivered is on-brand and fits strategically into your marketing purpose.

Combine your brand’s business and marketing goals with our team of SEO, marketing and editorial professionals, and you’ll feed your marketing machine the content it needs to produce real results for your company.

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B2B and B2C content marketers still hold to their opinion that Blog Content remains the most effective form of website content for brand awareness. However, a good blog post isn’t good enough when there are over a million other post just a few seconds apart.

The major difference between a great content and a good blog post is a team of expert writers armed with enough data from google analytics, SEMrush, Ubersuggest and many other platforms, and the right SEO technique. SEO contents is as a result of an insightful content marketing strategy, crafting well post driven by reliable facts pulled from deep research which is on-point, on-brand and on page 1.

Irrespective of your content needs, we can provide short-form blog posts and news articles, or long-forms thoughtful and engaging contents with empathetic anecdotes. Be assured that the contents we deliver are well-researched, well-written and optimized to satisfy searcher intent and improve your online presence.

There’s a trick to copy writing and that’s buying into your clients PAIN POINT. Our copywriters are equipped with the right principles needed to craft great copies that informs, entertains and inspires. However, we know when to dazzle in their direct marketing and advertising hats.

You got the product to sell, and a unique selling proposal, we have the right words to persuade your audience into taking valuable actions. Our “Call-To-Actions are carefully infused into copies for text ads, Facebook ads, display ads, banner ads, paid search listings, social media post, conversion prompts on websites and blogs, assets landing pages, and brochures.

A great headline, loops, empathy driven story and a CTA converts without a second thought.

Copy Writing


Majority of web users skim through contents in search of informations. Meaning, a lot of copy on web pages are just fillers for certain cogent information.
Infographics writings simply summariuzed this information into bullet points, containing facts, quotes, and statistics. This information is then virsually represented with graphs, graphics design and illustration.

Part of professional content writing is knowing when to show restraint, and concision is key when it comes to infographic copy. Our writers are skilled researchers who know how to collaborate with designers to create pithy, visually inspiring infographic outlines.

Once formatted, you can embed infographics in blog posts or gate them as mid-funnel assets that serve your marketing strategy.

If the goal of blog posts is to lure readers into deeper engagements, white papers are an example of that engagement. More than half of all content marketers leverage white papers for lead generation. These staples of inbound marketing showcase industry expertise and thought leadership in a polished document.
If blog post is used to lure readers into engagement, white papers are a typical example of that engagement. Over 50% of content marketers leverage whitepapers as a lead generation strategy.
Every white paper needs to be thoroughly researched and expertly crafted. Our writing experts have the research acumen, data-gathering skills, and business writing experience necessary to speak on behalf of your brand’s expertise. We can also interview your internal subject matter experts to fully capture your brand’s voice and highlight the most important aspects of the topic at hand.



A perfect collaboration of our editorial and graphics design teams. These visual assets are creatively designed to captivate the minds, and interest of your target audience; and as well writen with the sam precision and expertise as a white paper.
Every page of every eBook we write is filled with enough text and quality informations – No fillers or fluffs. And this makes it possible to incoporate designs such as infographics, that complement the writen contents.
Our expert writers work directly with your marketing team to grapsp your idea on the topic of interest, develop an outline, and write the copy with word economy and visual aids in mind. Result of which is a stunning visual display, mid-to deep-funnel assest in form of a guide, instruction and leaders thoughts to prospects.

Facts – email marketing yields $44 on a average for every $1 spent. This massive ROI, however, requires strong email marketing strategy through blog post, conversation on landing pages, and gated content designed to build your email list.
Email copy requires click-worthy headlines with strong CTA’s that get’s prospects to open your messages and subsequently take actions.
Copywriters at TheWritingDuo’s understand that with email, less is more. So, we craft newsletters that promote your blog posts, one-off lead-nurture emails that plug your latest eBook or white paper, and create end-to-end email drip campaigns with the help of your dedicated content marketing strategist.
We’ll get it done through concise, conversational and memorable language.

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